Dashing Expectations: Christmas Edition

I’ve written a whole thread about this new Christmas film, repeating myself here is not on trend. So below are new thoughts, read the twitter thread then come back here, K? Love ya!

It has allowed me to stop thinking about Anjanette Young for a moment, and for an hour and thirty minutes, forget the police may break down my door and point a gun in my face by mistake because I am Black.

For one hour and thirty minutes I can escape into a beautiful Christmas ranch with Andie Macdowell ( I will act opposite her one day, putting it out into the universe right now) snow, horses, gay hoopla, romance, hot cocoa, a full Broke Back Mountain Country Christmas moment but this time there are POC and no one dies!

It is wonderful to see two gay actors, one being Argentinian, in leads playing a gay couple in a mainstream media film. The fact this is novel in 2020 is a problem, but again, this is a step forward.

If you need this in your life right now, to be embraced as fully yourself this holiday and feel welcomed, watch the movie, and comment below. Find me on twitter above or comment to this article and let us talk about the film and your Christmas/Holiday season.



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William Fitzgerald Flood

William Fitzgerald Flood

Artist, Activist, Professor and occasional watcher of too many 80s cartoons.