Do You See The Truth

Wonder Woman (vol. 1) #204, (January 1973)
Diana in Batman Vs Superman
Diana 1984
I see a very white fictional race of women…
the eyes of artesisa
Those eyes greeted me every week as a child on television, were on a keychain of mine and will always be in my heart.
I did live for this cute cheetah heel eye gag on Diana from costume designer Lindy Hemming
Look at what a good white ally I am. I deserve a cookie!
I mean I am HERE for it Patty but REALLY? LOL
Steve Booty-1
Steve Booty Two — Nike swoosh included
Steve Booty Three with Nike placement…
But seriously in what male superhero film does his love interest have alone screen time?

The truth is enough. The truth is beautiful.

You’re not the only one who has suffered, who wants more, who wants them back, who doesn’t want to be afraid anymore, or alone, or frightened, or powerless, because you’re not the only one who imagined a world where everything is different-better finally.

A world where they were loved, and seen, and appreciated, finally.

This is why I love Diana, who is armed only with a weapon that compels truth.



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William Fitzgerald Flood

William Fitzgerald Flood

Artist, Activist, Professor and occasional watcher of too many 80s cartoons.